Student Publications

Raider Flash

The Raider Flash, the Scholastic Blog/News Site Online publication, is produced during the 4th quarter by seventh and eighth grade journalism students. Features include school activities from the latter part of the school year, as well as entertainment pieces and current events, some of which are accompanied by video. The students conduct all interviews and write their stories independently. In its first year of National Scholastic Press Association critiquing, Raider Flash was awarded Second Class with the judge commenting, “I am impressed with the amount of coverage from a middle school website.”

The Raider Voice

The Raider Voice newspaper and The Raider Voice Online provide news and information to the Gulliver student body and outside community. This award-winning, student-run newspaper is printed monthly and includes stories ranging from news to sports to entertainment. Students enrolled in the program develop communications, digital media and graphic design skills for both desktop and web publishing. The print and online versions of The Raider Voice are consistently recognized by the National Scholastic Press Association, Columbia Press Association and Florida Scholastic Press Association.

The Raider Yearbook (Middle School)

Middle School journalism students produce the Raider yearbook in the first three
quarters of the school year. Students develop a theme, establish the content, design pages and write stories. Raider Publication has also been recognized as a First Class recipient with Marks of Distinction in content, coverage, design and writing from National Scholastic Press Association. Additionally, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association awarded the 2015 publication a Silver Medalist and recognized the “middle school yearbook as superior to most high schools.”

The Raider Yearbook (Prep)

Students interested in developing graphic design, photography and communication skills can work on producing the school’s Raider yearbook. The 400-page magazine-style publication is student-run and managed. The Raider yearbook is a nationally recognized, award-winning publication, consistently serving as a national high school sample of superior writing, photography and design. The Raider sits in the top echelon of student journalism, having earned a Columbia Scholastic Press Association Crown, National Scholastic Press Association All-American and Florida Scholastic Press Association All-Florida awards.


The Reflections literary magazine is produced by students enrolled in the journalism program, as a culminating project in graphic design. The magazine features a variety of literary and artistic works, produced by students from all grade levels. All students are eligible to submit pieces for consideration. Reflections has consistently earned state recognition as a recipient of the Florida Scholastic Press Association’s All-Florida award, and in its first year entering the National Scholastic Press Association competition, the 2018 lit mag received All-American honors with Four Marks of Distinction, the highest possible ranking.
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Principles of Social Science

To showcase the intellectual talents and curiosities of Gulliver students, the Principles of Social Science was founded in the spring of 2012. The journal aims to encourage student interests in the research, writing, and study of history, politics, economics, and society. The Principles of Social Science consists of essays written by students, is peer-reviewed by students, and is managed to a great extent by student editors.
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