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Gulliver Academy Boys' Golf Wins 2016 Dade County Youth Fair Invitational

On Wednesday, April 6, the Gulliver Academy Boys’ Golf Team won the annual Dade County Youth Fair Golf Invitational with a score of 158. The 2016 version of the invitational fielded 17 teams and more than 60 golfers.

The Raiders were led by Alexander Dalmau ‘22 (first overall) with a score of 33, John Marshall ‘22 (second overall) shot a 38, Sean Kelley ‘21 (eighth overall) shot a 42, and Jason Kleinmann ‘20 (10th overall) shot a 45.

This is the second consecutive season boys’ golf has captured this title. In the fall, the boys claimed the 2016 SFMSC Golf Championship.

Golf Coach: Aaron Blank ‘02

Congratulations to these young men on their accomplishments! Go Raiders!

Peter Pan Operation (Operación Pedro Pan) Within the Gulliver Community



On Friday, February 26, Sra. Muñoz’s Spanish 2 Honors class met Sra. Loughlin, an Español teacher at the Academy who experienced the Peter Pan Operation firsthand. Sra. Muñoz’s class is studying the Peter Pan Operation, reading the story Kike by Hilda Perera, and Sra. Muñoz asked Sra. Loughlin to share her story with the class. Although several of Sra. Loughlin’s past students had heard some of her stories, she never shared everything that happened, as it was difficult for her to mention it beforehand. As Sra. Muñoz said, “The fiction that the students read turns into something real when the students hear Sra. Loughlin.”

Sra. Loughlin lived in a Spanish colonial town in Cuba where everyone knew about the events that occurred when Spanish minors were sent to Russia during the Civil War. When Castro came to power, some people, including Sra. Loughlin’s parents, believed that it would be best to send the children to the United States. Those who went to the U.S. through the Peter Pan Operation, which can be seen with Sra. Loughlin, who was 10 years old, and her 8-year-old brother.  

Even though her parents did not know how long they would be separated from their children, they paid for Sra. Loughlin and her brother to go to a boarding school in Colorado. While at the school, a couple took the siblings in; whenever the children were on school vacation, the couple would take them on trips and give them presents. To Sra. Loughlin, this was her family away from her parents.

She recalled that when they arrived at the school, the nuns tried to separate her and her brother because the boarding school was not co-ed. With all the stress that had occurred beforehand and the idea that she would be separated from her brother, Sra. Loughlin went crazy. She began to throw luggage around the bus and was crying and screaming.

Sra. Muñoz also mentioned that the story Kike is all fiction; however, once the students knew that Sra. Loughlin was a survivor of the Peter Pan Operation, they also realized that many people had to endure similar situations as those in the story.  

Sophomore Sam Keepax said, “The fact that we had a firsthand account of what occurred was amazing.”

One day a student asked Sra. Loughlin if her parents really did love her since they sent her away to a boarding school. This question caused Sra. Loughlin to think about her parents’ love; however, she knew that her parents truly cared for her. Every day they would write her letters, which she would receive in groups. Also, she would have a three-minute conversation with them on Christmas.

Freshmen Demir Sanal said, “I liked how personal it was and how her story related to what we were reading.”

Even with what happened during and after the Peter Pan Operation, Sra. Loughlin was able to live a great life with the help of the family that took her in, as well as the love that her parents had for her.

As Sra. Loughlin said at the end of her talk, “Es la generosidad de aquellas personas que no nos conocen siquiera, que son las que salvan a tanta gente, y a mi me salvaron.” 

South Florida High School Business Plan Competition

Congratulations to Paula Ceballos ‘18, Lucie Gibeau ‘18 and Emma Guitar ‘18! They earned first-place honors at the South Florida High School Business Plan Competition on Wednesday, March 9. Their presentation of a plan for a veterinary nutritional supplement, which is in development through our International Business and Entrepreneurship, as well as our Biomedical Science programs, was judged to be the most thorough and appealing plan among those presented by teams from Ransom Everglades, Pinecrest School, Miami Country Day and Columbus. 

Way to go, Paula, Lucie and Emma!

Gulliver Academy Softball Wins Back-to-Back SFMSC Championships


On Friday, April 8, the softball team defeated Carrollton in the semifinal round 12-5. Natalie Menendez ‘21 pitched a complete game, striking out seven, and went one for two with three RBIs. Kelly Fernandez ‘22 went one for two with two RBI’s, Jenna Poppell ‘21 went one for two with two RBIs, Jennifer Fu ‘21, went one for two with an RBI, Sofia Mueller ‘21 scored two runs, and Porter Bowen ‘21 scored three runs.

On Saturday, April 9, the softball team defeated Florida Christian 3-2. Natalie Menendez ‘21 pitched a complete game, striking out five. Paulina Posada ‘21, Sofia Mueller ‘21 and Victoria Naranjo ‘21 each walked and scored a run. The defense played exceptionally, with outstanding plays from Sophia Sims ‘21, Paulina Posada ‘21 and Sofia Mueller ‘21.

This marks the second consecutive season the Gulliver Academy Softball Team has won the South Florida Middle School Conference softball championship (SFMSC). Congratulations to the students and the coaches on an amazing season!

Tournament MVP: Natalie Menendez ‘21

All-Tournament Team: Paulina Posada ‘21, Sophia Sims ‘21 and Sofia Mueller ‘21

Team Members: Natalie Menendez ‘21, Victoria Naranjo ‘21, Jenna Poppell ‘21, Nico Gurdjian ‘21, Sofia Mueller ‘21, Porter Bowen ‘21, Emma-Grace Delvillar ‘22, Sophia Sims ‘21, Jennifer Fu ‘21, Paulina Posada ‘21 and Kelly Fernandez ‘22

Middle School Coach: Brittney Waters ‘05

Assistant Coach: Lazaro Fernandez

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Gulliver Partners with TechVersify

Gulliver's Head of Schools, Frank Steel, and Miami’s digital elite joined together to show support for "TechVersify," an online original series from WPBT2-PBS and Two Parrot Productions that debuted last Fall. The evening featured a live, 20-artist, multimedia performance and was held at an event space in Miami's Midtown area.

Gulliver has been a longtime supporter of this series, which tells stories about the psychological impact of the digital age through diverse human characters. Women, minorities and other members of the community star in the series.

The show is hosted by Jessica Kizorek, with expert analysis from psychiatrist Eva Ritvo. “TechVersify” illuminates what’s going on inside our brains and how technology can have both good and bad effects on our lives. Rather than being a slave to our gadgets, “TechVersify” postulates, we should aim to leverage technology to make ourselves happier and healthier.

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce also recently announced that TechVersify is a finalist for its “Technology Leader of the Year” award in the social entrepreneurship category. There are four finalists in our category, and the official awards will be given on April 15. This is the chamber's 10th annual award ceremony.

Gulliver Academy Students Participate in Miami-Dade and Monroe County’s Solo and Ensemble Event

The Advanced Chorus and Show Choir participated in Miami-Dade and Monroe County's Solos and Ensembles event, which was held at Ronald Reagan Senior High. It is with pride we announce that all our singers earned either Superior or Excellent ratings for their vocal performances. Congratulations to:

Excellent, Vocal Solo: Alessandra Bonadies ‘20
Excellent, Musical Theater: Malu Lopez ‘21
Excellent, Jazz: Cali McKenzie ‘20
Excellent, Classical Duet: Daniela Chiarini ‘22 and Carina Villalona ‘22
Excellent, Musical Theater: Naho Abe ‘22
Excellent, Musical Theater: Daniela Bethancourt ‘20
Superior, Vocal Solo: Ashley Ubalijoro ‘20
Superior, Classical Duet: Sophie Granite ‘22 and Jiana Scipione ‘22
Superior, Musical Theater: Roberto Lugones ‘20
Superior, Vocal Solo: Lauren Bartel ‘22
Superior, Vocal Solo: Lily Rivabem ‘22
Superior, Musical Theater: Amelia Rich ‘20
Superior, Vocal Solo: Valeria Tormo ‘20
Superior, Vocal Solo: Mia Murrieta-Vatterodt ‘20

These students prepared diligently and performed at a very high level for their ages. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

Summer at Gulliver 2016

Are you looking for a place where your child can continue to grow academically during the summer and still be creative, pursuing an interest in becoming an engineer, dancer, Broadway star or athlete? Don’t miss out on Gulliver’s summer programs. From Jumpstart to Gulliver’s Make, Create and Innovate, summer programs offer students opportunities for enrichment or to continue to sustain and further develop foundational skills necessary to be successful. In Gulliver’s summer programs, you can expect a multi-sensory, hands-on approach to learning, risk-taking and exploring for students and teachers that reflects 21st century skills.

Unleash the power of your child’s imagination and creativity with our engineering programs, which this year include a new Makerspace class. This class encompasses distinct workspaces for circuit building, model construction, 3-D printing, games, sounds and “Sensors on the Go.” Students’ projects will be able to go as far as their imaginations can take them.

At our performing arts camps, your child will be a star in one of our two musicals. Whether singing and acting or exploring the world of dance, your child will learn invaluable qualities such as self-discipline, self-expression and self-confidence – all of which benefit them as growing individuals. 

Our long-running day camp offers a range of age-appropriate games on the field and in the pool, arts and crafts, lunch, songs and cheers, group time to build spirit through participation and the chance to make new friends.

One of the most unique things about Gulliver’s summer programs is that you don’t have to choose just one – you can combine programs that are perfect for your individual child. Please check out all of this year’s programs here. Gulliver Summer is where connections are made! 

Gulliver Prep Coral Restoration Dive

Gulliver's Teens4Oceans student chapter teamed up with the Junior Rangers chapter in Bonaire to work on a coral restoration project last month. They gathered at Bonaire's Harbour Village Resort to learn about the local coral reefs and lend a helping hand in restoring endangered species.

This was the continuation of a project that began Last August, when Teens4Oceans, Gulliver and Harbour Village installed two underwater webcams on the local reefs. At that time, they also set the foundation for student expeditions and education.

On their February visit, Students began by getting SCUBA certified by Great Adventures Bonaire. Armed with these underwater skills, they were able to learn about proper coral restoration. The Coral Restoration Foundation has worked closely with Harbour Village for years; they have multiple coral nursery trees set up just offshore. These trees grow the endangered staghorn (Acropora cervicornis) and elkhorn (Acropora palmata) corals. Chris Ball – the Junior Rangers' chapter leader and a local coral restoration guru – was the Divemaster. He presented the students with all the knowledge needed to become certified Coral Restoration Specialty Divers. And those days of lecture and homework paid off as soon as they got below the waves and began work on the trees. Students helped clean the trees, transplant healthy and restored colonies back to the reef and fragment the next generation of Acropora species be be grown on the trees! 

We are so proud of Gulliver students for their great work and commitment to protecting and restoring the coral reefs of Bonaire. Congratulations on passing your Coral Restoration Specialty Diver course, and we cannot wait to see how your new skills help coral reefs next! 

Four Gulliver Prep Students Invited to Apply to the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program

Four Gulliver Prep seniors have been invited to apply to the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program: Harrison Reale ‘16, Julian Asilis ‘16, Dante Benitez ‘16 and Luis Vera ‘16.  The program was established in 1964, by executive order of the president, to recognize and honor some of our nation’s most distinguished graduating high school seniors. In 1979, the program was extended to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional talent in the visual, creative and performing arts. In 2015, the program was again extended to recognize students who demonstrate ability and accomplishment in career and technical education fields. Each year, up to 161 students are named as presidential scholars, one of the nation’s highest honors for high school students.

Please join us in congratulating these students!

Gulliver Sundancers Compete at Contest of Champions National Dance Competition


Gulliver Sundancers attended the Contest of Champions National Dance Competition at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. There were more than 600 performances throughout the weekend. Both the Junior Sundancers and Sundancers shined at this event! Below you will find the results:


Junior High/Middle School Team Division

2nd Place, Superior Rating - Lyrical: “O”
2nd Place, Superior Rating - Contemporary: “Dreams”
2nd Place, Superior Rating - Jazz: “Revolution”
3rd Place, Excellent Rating - Hip-Hop: “On the Beach”
2nd Place Overall Middle School Dance Division


Junior High/Middle School Duet/Trio Division

Superior Rating - Duet: “Unsteady,” performed by Gabi Hagenlocker ‘20 and Valeria Pieschacon ‘20
Superior Rating - Trio: “Raspberry Swirl,” performed by Catherine Dishington ‘20, Paulina Munoz ’20 and Fiorella Polit ‘20


Junior High/Middle School Solo Division

3rd Place, Superior Rating - Andrea Gil ‘21
Superior Rating - Carolina De Laurenzio ‘20
Excellent Rating - Gabi Machado ‘21


Senior Soloists

Superior Rating
3rd Place Overall - Monique Martinez ‘16, $250 Scholarship
Nati Zunjic ‘16, Isa Rodriguez ‘17 and Brooke Bailey ‘16

Excellent Rating
Wind Du ‘16 and Gabi Telepman ‘16


Junior Soloists

Superior Rating
2nd Place Overall - Juli Yaniz ‘19
5th Place Overall - Ali Yaniz ‘19
Bella Lyon ‘19, Amber Meyerson ‘18 and Layla Lowenstein ‘18


Superior Rating
1st Place Overall - Ali Yaniz ‘19 and Juli Yaniz ’19, Carla Caputo ‘18 and Amber Meyerson ‘18



Officer Ensemble
2nd Place Overall, Superior Rating - “Carmen,”  performed by Brooke Bailey ‘16, Monique Martinez ‘16, Gabi Telepman ‘16 and Nati Zunjic ‘16 (choreographer)

Large Ensemble
2nd Place Overall, Superior Rating - “Repeating,” performed by Monique Martinez ‘16 (choreographer), Brooke Bailey ‘16, Molly Bochner ‘16, Carla Caputo ‘18, Mikayla Comras ‘18, Bella Lyon ‘19, Isa Rodriguez ‘17, Christine Roque ‘16 and Ali Yaniz ‘19


National Classification: 3rd Place in Medium Division
1st Place, Superior Rating, Best in Category and Choreography Award - Open: “Missy Mix”
First Place, Superior Rating and Selected for Showcase - Contemporary: “We Could be Dead by Tomorrow”
5th Place, Superior Rating - Jazz: “Something’s Happening to Me”
6th Place, Superior Rating - Hip-Hop: “#SELFIE”

Congratulations to all the Academy and Prep dancers!

Junior Sundancers: Captain Gabi Hagenlocker ‘20 and team members Carolina De Laurenzio ‘20, Catherine Dishington ‘20, Andrea Gil ‘21, Gabi Machado ‘21, Paulina Munoz ‘20, Valeria Pieschacon ‘20, Fiorella Polit ‘20, Sofi Serrano ‘21 and Daniella Tosca ‘20

Sundancers: Brooke Bailey ‘16, Sofia Beveridge ‘18, Molly Bochner ‘16, Carla Caputo ‘18, Mikayla Comras ‘18, Qifeng (Wind) Du ‘16, Fiona Hanly-Jorda ‘18, Nikki Hurtado ‘18, Layla Lowenstein ‘18, Olivia Lundeen ‘16, Isabella Lyon ‘19, Monique Martinez ‘16, Amber Meyerson ‘18, Isabella Rodriguez ‘17, Christine Roque ‘16, Gabi Telepman ‘16, Alexandra Yaniz ‘19, Juliana Yaniz ‘19 and Nati Zunjic ‘16


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