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Gulliver Business Students Successfully Compete in DECA

In early March, Gulliver international business and entrepreneurship students were hard at work earning their places in DECA’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC). Twenty-nine students participated in DECA’s district-level competition, and 11 qualified to attend the ICDC from April 25-28 in Orlando. There, they will join 17,000 other high school students, advisors, businesspeople and DECA alumni in competitive events, DECA’s Emerging Leader Series and college and career exhibits!

DECA is a non-profit that helps prepare students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management through business experiences and projects, partnerships with businesses, competitions and educational opportunities. Gulliver’s involvement with the organization was spearheaded by alumnus Paolo Parente ‘13, and has since become an important elective for Gulliver students with an interest in business. “Our international business and entrepreneurship program helps students develop their business acumen, enriching the learning experience while preparing them for future careers. We’re excited to see them have the opportunity to further develop those skills through the international business and entrepreneurship courses,” says Frank Steel, Gulliver’s head of schools. “Their efforts, dedication and business savvy are really paying off as they move through the DECA competitions.”

Every year, more Gulliver students attend high-level DECA competitions and qualify for ICDC.

In 2013, 22 students attended the district competition and two qualified for ICDC. Last year, 33 attended districts and four qualified for ICDC. “Our students have a few years of business education under their belt, so the vocabulary and concepts are no longer foreign,” says Gulliver Prep International Business and Entrepreneurship faculty Kamal James. “They can speak about it much more naturally and are able to answer questions more accurately, a wide variety of business topics.”

The students who qualified for DECA’s ICDC will need that extra background as they continue to dedicate their time and efforts and prepare for a competition that will test their skills at a higher level involving business concepts and terms.

Incredibly, some of the students who competed this year at DECA districts were first-year business students, and seven are not even in business classes. For many of the Gulliver competitors, it was their first time attending a DECA competition.

A very special congratulations to Gulliver’s international business and entrepreneurship faculty, students, parents and, of course, the amazing administrators, for all their hard work and support throughout the years! Best of luck to the students attending ICDC!

Gulliver Awarded at Annual HIP Day

HIP (Health Information Project) Day brings together all 1,000 of HIP's student peer health educators from 37 high schools across Miami-Dade County for a day of celebration, dialogue and collaboration. During this year’s celebration at Marlins Park, two members of the Gulliver family received awards. HIP faculty sponsor Suzanne Landsom received one of the Veteran Faculty Sponsor awards for her hard work and dedication running the school’s HIP club for five years. Student Dani Valls ‘15 won The Health Foundation of South Florida Award for being an exceptional leader for the past two years, during which she served as a peer health educator for Gulliver. Although she was voted in as the club’s secretary, Dani has taken on responsibilities above and beyond her position. 

The Health Information Project’s mission is to improve health awareness and access for teenagers and young adults through an innovative, school-based education program that promotes candid conversation, addresses prevalent misconceptions and connects students with reliable health resources. The Miami-Dade non-profit educates high school students through a school-based, peer-to-peer comprehensive health education model. During the 2014-2015 school year, HIP is working in nearly 40 high schools with 1,000 peer health educators serving more than 25,000 ninth graders.

Congratulations to our faculty and students for all their hard work and dedication!

Gulliver Honored at the Coral Gables Friends of Education Elementary, Middle and Senior High Achievement Breakfast


More than 50 Gulliver students were honored at the Coral Gables Friends of Education Elementary, Middle School and Senior High Achievement Breakfast! The event, held at the beautiful Westin Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables, included breakfast for the students and their families, as well as school administrators and faculty. Coral Gables Friends of Education honored the students for their contributions to their school and community, academic excellence, citizenship and service. Congratulations, Raider family!

The 24 Gulliver Academy students honored in the breakfast included Sienna Alonso ‘23, Alexandra Ayala ‘19, Lily Brown ‘19, Pablo Bueno ‘19, Grace Burke ‘23, Chiara Caremoli ‘19, Sofia Casado ‘23, Sophia Christoforou ‘23, Patrick Daly ‘19, Dania Fernandez ‘19, Lauren Garbett ‘19, Rachel Kaiser ‘19, Caitlyn Landom ‘19, Laura Liu ‘19, Brixton Lofgren ‘23, Emma Malmkjaer ‘23, Kiran Masroor ‘19, Jacqueline McCloskey ‘19, Sofia Miranda ‘23, Karan Mirpuri ‘19, Nicole Nixon ‘19, Victoria Paredero Quiros ‘19, Giorgia Pascual ‘23, Victoria Paesano ‘23,  Savant Patel ‘19, Iasabella Pelletier ‘19, Rylee Podrog ‘19, Sophia Podrog ‘23, Yannik Rahman ‘23, Sabra Rich ‘19, Mario Scarpetta ‘19, Jakob Telepman ‘19, Josh Trattler ‘23 and Artem Zalivchiy ‘19.

The 25 Gulliver Preparatory School students honored in the breakfast included: Claudia Ayala ‘15, Remi Beek ‘15, Zara Biggs ‘15, Sandy Burton ‘15, Jaclyn Davison ‘15, Sofia Diaz ‘15, Max Dietz ‘15, Ros Fiol ‘15, Daniella Fuertes ‘15, Brett Gilbert ‘15, Elizabeth Herr ‘15, Rylee Hollub ‘15, Noah Jacobs ‘15, Allison Keller ‘15, Daniel Mesko ‘15, Camila Mirow ‘15, Isa Nannini ‘15, Paula de Oliveira ‘15, Jessica Paliery ‘15, Alyssa Prosper ‘15, Nina Rodriguez ‘15, Khara Vassell ‘15, Jan Strusinski ‘15, Taylor Hill ‘15 and Jowan Watson ‘15.


Sundancers are National Grand Champions

The Gulliver Sundancers have reason to celebrate! In March, they earned the title of National Grand Champions at the Champion Dance National School Dance & Drill Competition. They competed against dance teams from all over the nation at the competition in Los Angeles.

“The opportunity to compete and represent Gulliver was an incredible experience, as the dancers executed each dance with precision and passion,” said Gulliver faculty Gerri Barreras. In addition to the title of National Grand Champions, the Sundancers won awards in the following categories:

Small High School Division

  • 1st Place, Straight Superior Ratings – Contemporary: “Somewhere Only We Go”
  • 1st Place, Straight Superior Ratings – Lyrical: “People Help the People”
  • 1st Place, Straight Superior Ratings – Jazz: “Cell Block Tango”
  • 1st Place, Straight Superior Ratings – Hip Hop: “Jammin’”
  • 1st Place, Straight Superior Ratings – Open: “One World”

Officer Division

  • 1st Place, Straight Superior Ratings: “Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me,” performed by Morgan Furnari ‘15, Monique Martinez ‘16, Cristy Ruiz ‘15 and Nati Zunjic ‘16

Ensemble Division

  • 1st Place, Straight Superior Ratings – Small: “Us,” performed by Morgan Furnari ‘15, Madeleine Harris ‘15, Cristy Ruiz ‘15 and Katie Zighelboim ‘15
  • 2nd Place, Straight Superior Ratings – Medium category: “Lost,” performed by Molly Bochner ‘16, Madeleine Harris ‘15, Monique Martinez ‘16, Isabella Rodriguez ‘17, Christine Roque ‘16 and Nati Zunjic ‘16

Senior Division Solos

  • 1st Place, Straight Superior Ratings: Morgan Furnari ‘15
  • 3rd Place, Straight Superior Ratings: Nati Zunjic ‘16
  • 5th Place, Straight Superior Ratings: Molly Bochner ‘16
  • 6th Place, Straight Superior Ratings: Monique Martinez ‘16
  • Straight Superior Ratings: Cristy Ruiz ‘15

Junior Division Solo

  • 2nd Place, Straight Superior Ratings: Isabella Rodriguez ‘17

The Sundancers also earned Best in Category awards for each dance category the team entered: Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop and Open. They also earned Best in Class as the highest-scoring team in the small team classification.

“I am so proud of my team for their accomplishments during this competition season,” said Captain Morgan Furnari. “Traveling to Los Angeles to compete at Nationals was an amazing experience, and the culmination of our win made it that much more exciting. I am so honored to have been their captain this year.”

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE SUNDANCERS: Morgan Furnari ‘15 - Captain, Cristy Ruiz ‘15 – Co-Captain, Monique Martinez ‘16 – Officer, Nati Zunjic ‘16 – Officer, Brooke Bailey ‘16, Bianca Beattie ‘17, Sofia Beveridge ‘18, Molly Bochner ‘16, Carla Caputo ‘18, Madeline Harris ‘15, Nikki Hurtado ‘18, Giovanna Ingletto ‘17, Layla Lowenstein ‘18, Amber Meyerson ‘18, Isabella Rodriguez ‘17, Christine Roque ‘16, Gabi Telepman ‘16 and Katie Zighelboim ‘15. 

Gulliver Prep Robotics Students Compete in RECYCLE RUSH

The Gulliver Prep Robotics team, also known as BBR8ERS and Team #5557, earned several awards in its rookie FIRST Robotics Competition RECYCLE RUSH. Held February 25–28, the competition marked the culmination of months of hard work, creative problem-solving and teamwork! More than 2,908 teams competed – 2,544 veteran teams and 364 brave rookie teams. Around 20 Gulliver students joined thousands of students around the globe in this year’s competition.

Members of the BBR8ERS dedicated months of their free time to ensure that their robot was as efficient and flawless as possible, discussing designs for their event. The proud team took home the “Rookie Inspiration South Florida Regional Award” and “Most Accomplished Rookie Team” award from the judges. Senior teams also voted the BBR8ERS “Most Professional Team.” And, the team received a $6,000 grant from NASA and a brand-new EKOCYCLE 3D printer.

The competition included a recycling-themed game played by two alliances of three robots. It was structured with very strict rules, limited resources and time limits, and required the teams to effectively and efficient create a robot that was able to score points by stacking totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with recycling containers and properly disposing of pool noodles, which represent litter. Teams also are challenged to raise funds, design a team “brand,” refine teamwork skills and build and program robots to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors. “I really want to be an engineer. I learned a lot from this experience,” said Brandon Stoyanovich ‘18, one of the drivers of the robot. “I believe that anyone who may want to possibly be an engineer, I think they should give FIRST a try. To go to competition, I guarantee, they will have a great time. It is the hardest fun you will ever have!”

Creating, building and developing their robot as efficiently and effectively as possible was a learning process for every member of the BBR8ERS. The team also called on the expertise of Gulliver International Business and Entrepreneurship students to help manage and maximize the marketing spend for the competition. “I saw a side of the kids that sometimes one rarely sees when you only interact with them for a limited amount of time during the school year – A side where they were able to take on very complex problems and solve them eloquently and efficiently,” said Dean Morell, a Gulliver faculty member. “And the only way that you can see that is by doing projects like this both in and outside of the classroom”

Please join us in congratulating the talented students, parents and faculty for their extraordinary efforts! 

Gulliver Competes in the Contest of Champions National Competition

The Gulliver Sundancers and Junior Sundancers have many reasons to celebrate! In February, they attended the Contest of Champions National School Dance & Drill Competition at Walt Disney World. Dance teams from all over the nation participated. We are delighted with our teams’ impressive results and would like to share them with you:

Gulliver Academy – Marian C. Krutulis Campus Recognitions:


  • Contemporary – “Addicted To You” – Superior Rating
  • Hip Hop – “Drum Line” – Superior Rating
  • Jazz – “Knock on Wood” – 2nd Place, Superior Rating
  • Solo Category – Lily Brown – Excellent Rating 

The Junior Sundancers ranked third in the Middle School Division! Congratulations to Carla Duval and all the amazing faculty, staff, parents and students for all their hard work! Team members include Lily Brown ‘19, Isabella Del Rio ‘19, Catherine Dishington ‘20, Gabrielle Hagenlocker ‘20, Rebecca Kaiser ‘19, Gabriela Machado ‘21, Paulina Munoz ‘20, Valeria Pieschacon ‘20, Fiorella Polit ‘20 and Daniella Tosca ‘20.


Gulliver Preparatory School Recognitions:

Senior Soloists – Superior Rating

  • Morgan Furnari ‘15 – 2nd Place overall, $500 Scholarship
  • Monique Martinez ‘16 – 6th Place overall
  • Nati Zunjic ‘16 – 11th Place overall

Junior Soloists – Superior Rating

  • Molly Bochner ‘16
  • Isa Rodriguez ‘17


  • Officer Ensemble – “Darling are you gonna leave me?,” performed by Morgan Furnari ‘15, Cristy Ruiz ‘15, Monique Martinez ‘16, Nati Zunjic ‘16 – 3rd Place, Superior Rating
  • Small Ensemble – “Us,” performed by Morgan Furnari ‘15, Cristy Ruiz ’15, Madeleine Harris ’15, Katie Zighelboim ’15 – 1st Place, Superior Rating
  • Large Ensemble – “Lost,” performed by Monique Martinez ‘16, Nati Zunjic ‘16, Molly Bochner ‘16, Madeleine Harris ‘15, Gio Ingletto ‘17, Isa Rodriguez ‘17, Christine Roque ‘16 – 1st place, Superior Rating
  • Extra-Large Ensemble, Jazz Funk – “Jammin,” performed by Morgan Furnari ‘15, Cristy Ruiz ‘15, Monique Martinez ‘16, Nati Zunjic ‘16, Brooke Bailey ‘16, Bianca Beattie ‘17, Sofia Beveridge ‘18, Molly Bochner ‘16, Carla Caputo ‘18, Madeleine Harris ‘15, Nikki Hurtado ‘19, Gio Ingletto ‘17, Layla Lowenstein ‘18, Amber Meyerson ‘18, Isa Rodriguez ‘17, Christine Roque ‘16, Gabi Telepman ‘16, Katie Zighelboim ‘15 – 1st Place, Superior Rating


  • Contemporary – “Someone We Used to Know” – 1st Place, Superior Rating
  • Hip Hop – “One World” – 3rd Place, Superior Rating
  • Jazz – “Cell Block Tango” – 4th Place, Superior Rating
  • Lyrical – “For the First Time” –  4th Place, Superior Rating


The Gulliver Prep Sundancers ranked fourth in the Medium Team category with over 44 schools represented! Congratulations to Gerri Barreras and the 2015 Sundancers Captain Morgan Furnari ‘15, Co-Captain Cristy Ruiz ‘15, Officer Monique Martinez ‘16, Officer Nati Zunjic ‘16, Brooke Bailey ‘16,  Bianca Beattie ‘17,  Sofia Beveridge ‘18, Molly Bochner ‘16, Carla Caputo ‘18, Madeleine Harris ‘15, Nikki Hurtado ‘19, Gio Ingletto ‘17, Layla Lowenstein ‘18, Amber Meyerson ‘18, Isa Rodriguez ‘17, Christine Roque ‘16, Gabi Telepman ‘16 and Katie Zighelboim ‘15.

Special thank you to the amazing parents, students, faculty, staff and administration for all their help and support! 

Dade Heritage Trust's Art and Photography Competition

Gulliver students displayed their artwork and earned several awards during Dade Heritage Trust’s Art and Photography Competition. The visual arts competition for elementary, middle and high school students in Miami-Dade County is one of the features of Dade Heritage Days, and opened on March 13, at the Coral Gables Museum.

The competition provides students with an opportunity to depict, through art, various aspects of the county's architectural heritage. Through the competition, Dade Heritage Days seeks to inspire young Miami-Dade County artists to become better acquainted with the rich architectural and cultural history of the county, and to develop and refine artistic skills while having fun with their art.





Dade Heritage Trust presented awards to the following students during the exhibit’s March 13 opening reception:

Samantha Robinson ‘19, third place in the Middle School Division

Julio Baigorri ‘19, special Director's Award

Ava Frati ‘20, special Director's Award

Kayla Kraft ‘20, special Director's Award

Andreina De La Blanca ‘19, finalist

Daíro Blanco ‘20, finalist

Fiorella Polit ‘20, finalist

Victor Rego ‘19, finalist

Nina Shalom ‘20, finalist

Sebastian Quintero ‘20, finalist

Victoria Paredero Quiros ‘19, finalist 

Elizabeth Vair ‘19, finalist

Congratulations to all the student winners and finalists!

Gulliver Academy Advanced Orchestra Received Overall Superior Rating

Congratulations to the Gulliver Academy Advanced Orchestra, which received an overall Superior rating at Music Performance Assessments (MPA) District Evaluation on Wednesday, March 10. A Superior rating is the highest one an orchestra can receive. MPA District Evaluations are intended to give large string ensembles an opportunity to perform pre-rehearsed and unrehearsed (sight reading) music in front of a panel of four adjudicators while receiving constructive comments, both spoken and written. Students benefit from the experience of performing in a large group and receiving a critique from professionals other than their regular music teachers. At District MPA, each orchestra plays three pieces and is judged on tone quality, technical preparation and musical effect. The orchestra performed “Song of the Ocean Winds” (Adrian Gordon), “The Code” (Alan Lee Silva) and “Day Dreams” (Robert Sheldon).

We are extremely proud of our young musicians’ work. Please join us in congratulating them!


Gulliver Prep Engineering Hosts Young Men’s Preparatory Academy to Learn Robotics

In the beginning of March, Gulliver Prep Engineering faculty members and students hosted a weeklong after-school course for students at the Young Men’s Preparatory Academy (YMPA) to learn robotics and build a robot!

Claude Charron, biomedical science and engineering department chair at Gulliver Prep, heard through a friend, Starbot Technologies President Nola Garcia, that the boys at YMPA were eager to learn and apply robotics knowledge and build a robot. Gulliver provided the students with VEX kits to support and mentor their new-found passions and enable them to build their own custom robot. YMPA students also had the opportunity to get involved in competitions so that the group can begin competing locally. “The boys were wonderful,” Nola says. “Seeing them walk into the classroom was so touching, as they were tentative and shy. That did not last long as they became comfortable with their surroundings and the mentors. After the boys left, we had a short meeting with the mentors and they shared their experiences. It was truly wonderful to hear their insights and their delight in being a part of this great project!”

Meanwhile, Sara Fuenmayor ‘17, a Gulliver Prep engineering student who is a vital part of the team and has traveled to Africa with her family to deliver Gulliver’s water filtration system, recorded footage from the YMPA course. Sara enjoyed taking a step back and embracing her own new-found passion: TV production! “What I really want to capture is the moment these students are having. It’s emotional and I want to capture this moment for them,” Sara says.

A very special thank you to Gulliver Prep’s Engineering Department for sharing its passions with the local community! Go Raiders!

Gulliver Prep Students Attend Florida State Technology Student Competition

Gulliver Prep architecture students attended the Florida State Fair Technology Student Competition in Tampa with award-winning entries in the Architectural Design, Urban Planning and Industrial Design categories. Award recipients displayed their projects at the Florida State Fair in Tampa from February 5 to February 16.

Congratulations to the always-amazing architecture students and faculty member Christina Manrique for their excellent work!


Florida State Fair Technology Student Competition Awards 2015

  • Carla De Haro ‘16: First Place – Drafting 2D – Architectural – LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Single-Family Home
  • Alejandra Sanchez ‘15: Honorable Mention – CAD 2D – Architectural – Architectural Element
  • Sarangan Sinnarajah ‘15: Second Place – CAD 2D – Architectural – Architectural Element
  • Nora Walz ‘15: First Place – CAD 2D – Architectural – Architectural Element
  • Jowan Watson ‘15: Third Place – CAD 2D – Architectural – Architectural Element
  • Ricardo Du Pond ‘16: Honorable Mention – CAD 2D – Engineering – Mechanical with Creative Options
  • Yannick Schmied ‘16: Honorable Mention – CAD 2D – Engineering – Mechanical with Creative Options
  • Sarangan Sinnarajah ‘15: Second Place – CAD 2D – Engineering – Object Study of Hummer H2 Model
  • Samuel Steffens ‘16: Honorable Mention – CAD 2D – Engineering – Mechanical with Creative Options
  • Jowan Watson ‘15:   First Place – CAD 2D – Engineering – Object Study of Football Helmet
  • Taylor Wessel ‘15: Honorable Mention – CAD 2D – Engineering – Mechanical with Creative Options
  • Alejandra Sanchez ‘15: Third Place – CAD 3D – Engineering – 3D Model of Roof Truss
  • Sarangan Sinnarajah ‘15: First Place – CAD 3D – Engineering – 3D Model of Spiral Staircase /Coconut Grove Playhouse Element
  • Nora Walz ‘15: Third Place – CAD 3D – Engineering – 3D Model of Contemporary Fireplace /Coconut Grove Playhouse Element
  • Jowan Watson ‘15: Second Place – CAD 3D – Engineering – 3D Model of Stained Glass Window /Coconut Grove Playhouse Element

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