A group of Gulliver seniors wait to receive their diploma

The Gulliver Fund

The Gulliver Fund is an annual fundraising campaign that supports key organizational initiatives in order to advance our strategic plan and enhance the student, faculty and alumni experience. Gifts to The Gulliver Fund directly support, strengthen and sustain the extraordinary programs, facilities and resources that define a Gulliver education.

We are incredibly grateful for the parents, alumni, trustees, faculty, staff, community partners and students who support The Gulliver Fund, and we invite you to join them by investing in Gulliver’s future. Your contribution demonstrates your confidence in our mission and your desire to make a difference for the Gulliver community.

Thank you for generously participating in this year’s campaign and making a lasting difference. Your gift may be directed to directly impact any of the following areas:

Support Academics

With its rigorous curriculum and personalized instruction, Gulliver develops students who think critically, work collaboratively and communicate effectively in our high-tech, global society. Gulliver offers a variety of signature academic programs including architecture, biomedical sciences, engineering and the International Baccalaureate Programme.

Support Financial Aid

A Gulliver education is an investment that provides rewarding and invaluable experiences that will last a lifetime. Nearly five million dollars in scholarships and financial aid is awarded annually, helping to sustain a diverse and inclusive student body.

Support Athletics

Gulliver prides itself on being one of the most successful and storied athletics programs in the state of Florida. We strive to build self-esteem and instill the values of teamwork and sportsmanship into all of our student athletes. Gulliver offers more than 90 traditional sports teams and competes at state-level competitions, as part of its comprehensive athletics program.

Support Technology

A rapid convergence of global connectivity, easily accessible technology applications, and social networking platforms are redefining literacy and the classroom experience. Gulliver is continually focused on integrating technology into the curriculum by providing opportunities for collaborative and self-directed learning activities.

Support the Arts

On stage or at an easel, with a bow or with a brush, the visual and performing arts are an intrinsic part of a Gulliver's education. Students are exposed to the arts at all ages as an avenue to expand their understanding, encourage their creativity, and provide the tools for self-expression. Dance, music, theater, TV broadcast, visual arts, and architecture provide students with expansive opportunities to create.

Support Faculty Excellence

Our exemplary faculty and administration are entrusted to nurture individuality, character and collaboration while challenging students to meet their fullest potential. Your gift will help to fund the ongoing professional development activities that are one of the mainstays of Gulliver’s exceptional faculty.

Support the Greatest Need

Gifts earmarked for ‘Greatest Need’ often do the greatest good, funding a variety of projects and initiatives that would not otherwise be afforded by the operational budget. Some of these include: supporting research activities, artist visits and master classes, competitions and travel, Gulliver’s Breakthrough Miami partnership, community impact and service, updated playgrounds and meeting spaces, and much more.