Gulliver Athletics Directory

Ira Childress
Athletic Director

Ira Childress joins Gulliver from Okemos High School (Okemos, MI) where he has served as Athletic Director for the past six years, leading all aspects of the athletic department including the direction and supervision of over 700 student-athletes across 27 sports, and more than 40 coaches. During his tenure, nearly 100 Okemos student-athletes have gone on to compete at the collegiate level, and overall, the school’s athletic teams have amassed 55 league titles, 16 district titles, 23 regional titles, six state runner-up finishes, and two state championships

R.C. Ganser
Assistant Athletic Director

R.C. Ganser, originally from South Bend, Indiana, enters his tenth year as Assistant Athletic Director at Gulliver.

Majoring in English, Ganser taught high school English full-time for many years before entering administration as the Director of Activities. He continues to teach English class each semester to keep his roots in the classroom. Ganser also currently coaches volleyball and water polo.

Lazaro "Laz" Fernandez
Assistant Athletic Director / Academy Athletic Director

Lazaro "Laz" Fernandez was born in New York , New York, enter his fourth year at Gulliver.

The Miami native earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management in 2002 from Taylor University in Indiana, and earned a Master of Science in Sport Management at Barry University in 2004. In 2014, Lazaro received a Masters of Science in Higher Education Leadership and Administration from Capellla University.

Athletic Staff

Ed Potter, Facilities and Events Assistant
Susie Gordils, Athletic Administrative Assistant
Leana Edwards, Athletics Social Media Coordinator
Jimmie Fairfax, Prep Certified Athletic Trainer
Samantha Santos, Academy Certified Athletic Trainer
Heather Levine, Youth Sports Coordinator

Preparatory Coaches

Fall Sports Coaches


Yari Roman


Carla Hodel

Cross Country, Boys & Girls

David Suarez


Earl Sims

Golf, Boys

Jim Piggot

Golf, Girls

Kelly Mulligan

Sailing, Boys and Girls

Brian Kamilar

Swimming, Boys and Girls

Christopher George

Girls' Volleyball

Julio Arnaiz

Winter Sports Coaches

Boys' Basketball

Gary DeCesare

Girls' Basketball

John Zambolla


Carla Hodel

Boys' Soccer

Chris Bart-Williams

Girls' Soccer

ChiChi Nwadike

Girls' Weightlifting

Curt Johnsen

Spring Sports Coaches

Boys' Lacrosse

Jim Piggot

Girls' Lacrosse

Ken Rosenthal


Frank Gabriele

Boys' Tennis

Fernandez Mateu

Girls' Tennis

Kelly Mulligan

Track & Field, Boys and Girls

Raviel Maisonet

Water Polo, Boys and Girls

Carroll Vaughan


Manny Crespo

Boys' Weightlifting

Earl Sims

Academy Coaches

Fall Sports Coaches

MS Cross Country, Boys & Girls

Manny Bloom

MS Boys' Golf

Roy Kelly

Grades 7 and 8 Football

Julio Diaz-Jane

Grade 6 Football

Raviel Maisonet

MS Sailing, Boys and Girls

Brian Kamilar

MS Swimming, Boys & Girls

Lynette Hundell

MS JV & Varsity Volleyball

Andres Salagrigas

Winter Sports Coaches

MS Girls' Basketball

Chrystal Davis

MS Varsity Boys' Basketball

Manny Bloom

MS JV Boys' Basketball

Valerie de Velasco

MS Girls' Soccer

Jordan Lorenzo

MS Varsity Boys' Soccer

Alejandro Macedo

MS JV Boys' Soccer

Victor Cabarrocas

MS Sailing, Boys' & Girls'

Brian Kamilar

Spring Sports Coaches

MS Baseball

Isaac Tijerino

MS Lacrosse, Boys'

Sean Ballent

MS Tennis, Boys' & Girls'

Kelly Mulligan

MS Softball

April Traylor

MS Track and Field, Boys' & Girls'

Manny Bloom

MS Water Polo, Boys' & Girls'

Chase Vaughan