Athletic Forms and Start Dates

In order to be eligible to try out for a team or participate in any pre-season training, each student must have the following forms completed and filed in the athletic office no less than one day prior to the first day of tryouts or training. The school will not be offering school physical exams. Each athlete is required to get his or her own physical over the summer. A delay in submitting all eight completed forms (1-4) will prevent a student from participating, thus missing tryouts and possibly not making the team.

Students must complete the necessary forms (1-4) below in order to try out or practice with their team.

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  1. Preparticipation Physical Evaluation
  2. Concussion and Heat-Related Illnesss Consent and Release Form
  3. Gulliver Schools Athletic Participation Agreement
  4. Gulliver Schools Athletic Participation Mandatory Waiver and Release

Please return all completed forms to Susie Gordils in the Athletics Department. Completed forms can be emailed to