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Athletic Forms and Start Dates


In order to be eligible to try out for a team at any level or perform any pre-season training, each student must complete and upload the following forms to Magnus Health via myGulliver. A delay in submitting all completed forms will prevent a student from participating, thus missing tryouts and possibly not making the team. To log in to myGulliver, visit

Additionally, all students new to Gulliver and students who are not American citizens must complete and submit forms GA-4 and EL-4 respectively.

If you have any questions, please contact the Athletics Department at 305.666.7937.

Ira Childress, Athletic Director - ext. 1437

Susie Gordils, Athletic Secretary - ext. 1438

RC Ganser, Assistant Athletic Director - ext. 1410

Lazaro Fernandez, Middle School Athletic Director - ext. 3334

Heather Levine, Middle School Assistant Athletic Director - ext. 3378


Additional Forms