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The Visual Arts courses are designed to enable students to develop skills in studio art while nurturing an appreciation and interest in the arts. Students develop perceptual awareness, creative self-expression and a basic understanding of the history of art. A working portfolio at each student’s level of expertise and technique is developed throughout the year. In grade five, students participate in a course that integrates art and drama. Art classes also are available in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Advanced art classes are only offered in the eighth grade. The importance of art is stressed as a goal to enrich one’s life and experience the aesthetic beauty of the world around us. Visual Arts courses will implement the MYP philosophy, through the Areas of Interaction, as they provide curricula that encourages students to make real life connections with what they learn in the classroom, strive to nurture critical and reflective thinking and emphasize internationalism.

Recent Student Work

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2017 Beaux Art Submissions
For the Muse
Line Qualities

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