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Gulliver’s Theatre program is designed to present students with opportunities for developing and increasing poise and confidence, self-expression, self-awareness and perception, knowledge of fundamental and advanced performance skills, familiarization with basic theatre concepts, both in theory and practice. Theatre students participate in enriching field trips, workshops and competitions. At the Middle School level, students can take Stagecraft beginning in sixth grade and Beginning Drama in seventh grade. Advanced Drama is available to students in grades 6-8 through audition. At the Prep, courses consist of Theatre Arts Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Please refer to the coursebooks for a complete list of Theatre offerings.

Grades 5-8

Grades 9-12

Theatre Faculty Contact

For more information regarding the grades 5-8 theatre program please contact Carlos Orizondo at

For more information regarding the grades 9-12 theatre program please contact Jessica Fox at

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