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Recognized as the finest program of its kind in Miami-Dade County for more than two decades, Gulliver’s Architecture Signature Academic Program prepares students for successful careers in architecture, urban planning, and industrial design.

The curriculum exposes students to a realistic environment in which to apply techniques learned through design, two-dimensional presentations, and three-dimensional modeling. Learning 21st century, future-ready skills, students research, create, design, and build. In addition to learning traditional drafting skills, students learn to build scaled models in physical and virtual space.

Students become proficient in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design and Drafting systems. Utilizing Graphisoft’s latest BIM ArchiCAD software, as well as other design software, students design and build in virtual space, creating renderings, animations, hypermodels, and VR export.

As a Signature Academic Program at Gulliver Prep, our four-year Architecture program is directed and taught by a licensed architect and LEED accredited professional.

Recent Student Work

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For more information, please contact Prep Architecture faculty member Emily Wilson, AIA LEED, at