Alumni Mentors
As a successful member of the Gulliver alumni community, you have the power to inspire, motivate, and support current students and young alumni. Your knowledge, experience, and insight will help students maximize their Gulliver experience and open their eyes to the opportunities and challenges they will face after graduation.

Be a mentor on your terms
As an alumni mentor you work directly with mentees to set parameters around how often you will communicate, allowing you to build relationships in the way that works best for you.

Stay connected to the innovation that defines Gulliver
As a graduate, you understand better than anyone that innovation and cutting-edge thinking are a major part of the Gulliver experience. When you serve as a mentor, you’ll have regular, direct contact with a student or young alumni who is immersed in that environment every day. While students benefit from your experience and insight, they’ll expose you to the new ideas that are shaping Gulliver today.

Build tomorrow’s community of successful professionals
When you serve as a mentor, you form meaningful, rewarding relationships that prepare students to be better employees and leaders, inspire them to stay connected with Gulliver, and motivate them to support the next generation of students and alumni. Mentors help perpetuate, grow, and strengthen Gulliver’s global alumni network.


One-on-one connection
Mentors and students form supportive relationships built on the shared experience of attending Gulliver, and connect one-on-one in a relaxed, informal way. Your mentor will share personal experiences, offer advice, and help answer complex questions. It’s a valuable relationship that serves as an important complement to your classroom and action learning experiences, and makes for a richer Gulliver experience.

Build your community and expand your opportunities
In addition to sharing their own experiences and advice, mentors can provide access to the larger Gulliver alumni network. This access brings you valuable exposure to thousands of executives working in different geographies, industries, and job functions, opening your eyes to the different types of careers and experiences available to you in your field.


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