Welcome! New Gulliver Families

The opportunities at Gulliver are abundant as students have the chance to discover and nurture their unique abilities and talents. Below is some information for you to review before the beginning of school.

Health and Visa Forms

Florida Department of Health Immunization Requirements
As proof of immunization, the State of Florida required HRS Forms 680 and 3040 for school attendance. In-state families can obtain the originals from their current school after withdrawing. Out-of-state families must obtain them from a Florida doctor.

2016-2017 Immunization requirements for newly enrolled students.

*Forms 680 and 3040 must be on file before a student can attend school.

Non - US Citizen Information and Requirements (If Applicable)
Gulliver complies with US Homeland Security requirements. Each student must be in compliance with these requirements. If the student is not a US citizen, a copy of the following documents must be submitted and will be placed in the student's file.

Non-US Citizen Form

*Student(s) may not begin classes until a copy of a current "F" visa is submitted to Gulliver.

Parent Portal and My Backpack

The Gulliver website provides a parent portal (My Gulliver Login), which can always be accessed at the top of the page at www.gulliverschools.org. The parent portal offers a single sign-on for current parents, students and faculty/staff to access real-time information on a broad spectrum of topics (e.g. back to school documents, teacher pages, grades, etc.). An email will be sent out during the summer inviting families new to Gulliver to use the parent portal.


Access is set up for each individual parent and only you will have access to your child's records, classes, teacher, activities, athletic pages, etc. Your login will be the same user name and password that you used when you completed the online enrollment process. We ask that your user name and password remain confidential.

If you need help retrieving your user name and/or to reset your password, please email ITSupport@gulliverschools.org or call IT Support at 786.709.4099.

Parking and Security at Gulliver

On behalf of the Gulliver Security Team, welcome to Gulliver. Providing a secure environment for students, faculty, parents and visitors is our foremost priority. Both the Academy-Marian C. Krutulis Campus and the Prep campuses have staffed guard gates during school hours. Additionally, we use and monitor closed-circuit cameras, building alarms, an emergency alert system, on-campus traffic control, and an inclement weather siren. Our staff also conducts visitor screenings, comprehensive employee background checks, and bi-yearly safety training.

During evening hours and weekends, security can be contacted by dialing any Gulliver campus and the extensions listed below or to the direct security cell phone:

Academy - Marian C. Krutulis Campus: 305.665.3593 ext. 3911 or 305.775.5130
Prep Campus: 305.666.7937 ext. 1911 or 305.775.4914
Miller Drive Campus: 305.775.5367

Photo ID badge
Vehicles and drivers are screened upon entering Gulliver, except during drop-off/dismissal. During these times, it is required to display the Gulliver decal on vehicles and present a Gulliver photo ID badge.

A Gulliver photo ID badge may be obtained from the front desk personnel at the Academy - Marian C. Krutulis, Prep and Miller Drive campuses by presenting a valid photo ID. Photo IDs or guest pass identifications are required to be worn during school hours while on campus.

Gulliver Athletics and Youth Sports

Students in Grades 6-12
In order to be eligible to try out for a team or participate in any pre-season training, each student must have the following forms completed and filed in the athletic office no less than one day prior to the first day of tryouts or training. Each athlete is required to make an appointment with a doctor or health facility to receive his or her physical during the summer. A delay in submitting all five completed forms will prevent a student from participating, thus causing him or her to miss tryouts and the opportunity to be placed on a team.

Athletic Programs Forms

Students in Grades Sr.K-5
The Gulliver Youth Sports Program works to develop students into athletes at a young age. From the first day of practice, coaches work closely with students to teach the fundamentals of different sports and good sportsmanship. The overall aim of the program is for each child to learn, while also having fun.

After logging into the Parent Portal via My Gulliver Login, youth sports registration can be found by clicking on "Extended Learning, Youth Sports and Tennis" on the left-hand side navigation on the Parent Portal. Registration is open throughout the school year.

Gulliver Uniforms

Uniforms must be purchased at AA Uniform with the exception of shoes, socks, belts and some outerwear. Uniforms may be purchased at the retail location or online.

AA Uniform
8807 SW 132nd Street
Miami, Fl 33176
Tel.: 305.254.0000 or Fax: 305.254.0303

Bring Your Own Device (Grades 5-12)

Gulliver offers a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program to both Middle and Upper School students. This is a voluntary technology program that has been successfully in practice for over ten years, and will become mandatory in the 2017-18 academic school year. This innovative program allows teachers to leverage the devices students already own to enhance learning in the classroom.

For detailed information and recommendations, please visit the Bring Your Own Device page.

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