Fees and Other Services (additional costs to consider)

English Language
Learners Program
$4,800English Language Learners Program to develop
students academic language proficiency. One-year
commitment required. Students in Grades Sr.K-5.
Academic Resource
VariesAdditional information available upon request.

Extended Care and After School Enrichment

Available for Grades PreK3-8. Additional information available upon request.

Textbooks$600-$1000Students in Grades 5-12. Due November 1.
Elective Course Fee$50-$195Students in Grades 5-12. Application to certain elective courses only. Due November 1.
Tuition Refund Plan1.5% of tuitionMandatory for semi-annual, and 10 and 12 monthly payment plans.(fee due May 1 for the 12-month payment plan option; due June 1 for the 10-month and semi-annual plans.)