Performing Arts

Experience in the performing arts provides students with a creative way to view the world that can enrich and transform their lives. The Performing Arts program at Gulliver consists of music, dance, drama and video/film production courses.

Starting in primary school, Gulliver Academy students learn to appreciate and participate in the performing arts. We encourage our students to feel comfortable speaking and performing in front of others, seeing it as a positive experience and understanding the joy of performance. In middle school, students may choose courses in band, strings, chorus, dance and drama.

The Gulliver Preparatory Music department provides a conservatory-level program that offers important venues for students' musical abilities to be showcased. Curricular ensembles and classes include string/orchestra, wind and percussion, vocal and jazz ensembles, as well as AP Music Theory.

The Dance curriculum is divided into four areas of technique: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Composition. The prestigious Gulliver Prep Dance Team is also available for advanced dancers as both a curricular and extra-curricular ensemble.

The Theatre Arts department helps students strengthen their confidence and raise their self-esteem through exercises, scene study, performance and dramatic literature study.

Gulliver's Video/Film program hosts a news-oriented daily television program, “RaiderVision,” which teaches students the technical and creative skills necessary both in front of and behind the camera.

All of Gulliver’s performing arts courses offer students a wealth of information, performance experience, skills development and an opportunity to advance their artistry and mastery.

For more information on Academy music, please contact Robert Keating.

For additional information on Preparatory music, please contact Ron Castonguay.