IB at Gulliver

Gulliver Preparatory School's International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme offers students a world-class education in a private setting, where attention to the individual is paramount. Students who participate in IB studies benefit from more than a decade of experience.

The Gulliver IB Diploma Programme strives to create a learning community, which challenges students to higher levels of thinking and performance. The interdisciplinary focus of the programme allows students to see connections and develop a shared mission, goal and respect within a collaborative setting.

IB at Gulliver

The IB students emerge from our programme prepared for the rigors of college life with a genuine interest in global awareness, as well as 21st century skills and values for entry into the complex world.

Over the last 16 testing sessions, there has been a 96 percent passing rate that has been achieved, which attests to Gulliver's commitment to academic distinction.

Gulliver's Four IB Policies

  • IB Academic Honesty Policy IB Assessment Policy
  • IB Language Policy
  • IB Special Needs Policy

Interesting Facts about IB at Gulliver

  • Students receive the Gulliver Diploma, as well as the IB Diploma
  • Colleges receive IB exam grades in the summer after acceptances already have been determined
  • At Gulliver, IB exam courses are weighted with an extra two points
  • Gulliver IB students are the first students to select their schedules
  • Many of our IB students are athletes
  • Teachers in the IB Programme provide a once-a-month homework free weekend
  • Some students in the IB Programme take AP classes, as well
  • Students in the IB Programme may take classes with non-IB students during their junior year
  • Our IB students have been accepted and/or attend universities such as: Yale University, Princeton University, Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, University of Chicago, Duke University, University of Virginia, Northwestern University and Boston College
  • Our IB Programme has attracted students from all over the world such as, Norway, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Jamaica, Peru, England, Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, France, Chile, Panama, Uruguay, Lebanon, Canada, Cuba, Korea, Turkey and Egypt

In Their Own Words: CAS Reflections

“I served the community by combining different spheres of the CAS model, such as creativity, action and service. These combined areas ensured that I had to apply my own academic and athletic skills to service projects, while my previous activities had only really focused on one of those areas. For example, I learned to combine creativity, action and service for volunteering activities.” - Allison Keller ‘15

“Through the IB Programme I was able to participate in many fabulous community service events, physical activities and artistic events to which least to an amazing CAS experience for the past two years. This was most definitely a valuable part of the IB Programme. It requires much mental work making it a life changing and eye-opening experience for me. “ - Tali Rupp ‘15

“The program has given me the opportunity to learn alongside students of a distinct sort. Although I would not say that IB teaches any subject too lofty to be understood by the average mind, the discipline it takes to be willing to accept and follow through with the challenge is extraordinary. What this creates is an environment where one is surrounded by others who share the same work ethic. I find this environment to be especially conducive to learning because it is in the midst of focused individuals that industriousness becomes an object of admiration as opposed to ridicule. This respect for hard work has served as a driving force for me to do well both in and out of the classroom.” - Tyler Sanchez ‘15