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IB Application

(Students entering grade 11 only)


As a prerequisite to the IB Diploma Programme, all applicants need to apply to Gulliver Preparatory School prior to submitting the IB Diploma Programme application. To apply for the IB Diploma Programme, please print and fill out the application, which is comprised of two parts:

Part one is the first page of the application. Both sides need to be completed and a graded essay from tenth grade English class needs to be attached.

Part two requires teacher and counselor recommendations. A recommendation is needed from the following subject areas: English, World Language, Social Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics and the Arts (if applicable). The recommending teacher and counselor must be from the current tenth grade year.

Click here to download an IB Application.

Please mail all information to:

Gulliver Preparatory School
Attn: International Baccalaureate Office
6575 N Kendall Drive
Miami, Florida 33156

Once an application is completed, it will be reviewed by the IB Coordinator and a committee. A letter notifying you of the IB admission, along with pertinent documents, will be sent to you by mail.

IB In Their Own Words: IB Reflections

“One of the aspects I appreciate the most about IB is its awareness of each student’s academic preferences. By providing classes in both high and standard levels, each student is welcome to pursue courses that will further stimulate his or her interests in particular fields.” - Franco Zacharavsky ‘15

“What attracted me to the IB program and what I still like about the program is the style of the classes. By this I mean the manner in which the classes are not merely lectures and tests, but require in-depth analysis, culminating in a thesis that will then be rigorously proven and assessed.” - Dorothy Spector ‘15

“I like the fact that IB places importance on an individual’s opinions and in classes like TOK, for example, we can really express our own point of view without being limited or fearful about the feedback or response we might get.” - Rafael Akel Martins Da Rocha ‘15

“IB has taught me to balance outside-the-box thinking with logic: to be insightful without being ridiculous. It has also forced me to plan ahead in terms of completing work, while also teaching me how to get it done by the deadline no matter what other circumstances may occur.” - Allison Keller ‘15

“What I especially like about IB is its diversity, unity and flexibility. There is diversity not only through the people in my classes, who give extra insight from around the globe, but also within my studies. Although each class possesses its unique attributes, through TOK they are able to unite, and I value that I have the ability to make these connections since it has helped me develop and progress as a student.” - Remi Beek ‘15

“In IB I am able to learn about all aspects of the world and immerse myself in culture. Coming from a different country, I once feared that I would lose contact with the cultures I had once experienced, but IB has extended and enriched my understanding and interaction with people from global communities.” - Zara Biggs ‘15

“As an individual, IB has helped me be more focused and open minded about the cultures of the world and to beliefs different from mine. Through IB, I have met many people around the world, and I have been able to explore world issues in-depth.” - Valeria Buttaci ‘15