English Language Learners Program

English Language Learners Program

While students require a basic understanding of spoken and written English in order to be successful at Gulliver, we recognize that we are part of an international, multilingual community. Our English Language Learners (ELL) program provides content-based English language instruction to students that need language support.

The objective of this intervention is to help English language learners develop academic language proficiency. The ELL program uses strategies and materials designed to teach English language skills, which may include listening, speaking, reading, writing, study skills, content vocabulary and cultural orientation.

Students in grades Sr.K–5 may be referred to the ELL program as an admissions requirement, and/or by their classroom teachers, Academic Resource Program clinicians or administrators. Entry and exit criteria are determined using objective English language proficiency assessments. ELL students are scheduled into the program during their Language Arts time.

The ELL classroom is designed to support both individual and small-group instruction. Lessons work in tandem with the grade-level curriculum, and the ELL teacher works closely with the classroom teacher to create an individualized academic plan for each student.

There is an additional cost per academic year for the ELL program. A one-year commitment must be made when the student enrolls in the program.