Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Middle School at Gulliver

The Middle School is a community of students, parents and teachers who work together in the classrooms, studios, band room, science labs, courts and fields. We are learners and experimenters whose success and challenges lead to growth. Through collaboration and connection, we are all able to both lead and follow, while relying on one another.


The Middle School experience includes a broad scope of courses that are designed to fit a student's readiness and interests. Five foreign language choices, multiple math courses at each grade level, double English classes each day, and project-based science and social science curriculum advance a strong foundation of knowledge to which the children can apply their critical thinking skills.


The Middle School offers more than 25 Elective courses over the course of four years, each allowing students to pursue a passion, or simply try something new. Self-discovery, shared experience, deep understanding, accomplishment, satisfaction and fun come with the balance of core and elective classes that Gulliver Middle School students experience every day.