Guidance and College Counseling

Our guidance and college counselors tailor the college admission process to help each student and their families navigate their college search and find the best match. Gulliver Prep boasts a long history of graduates who are accepted into the finest colleges and universities. The exceptionally high percentage of admissions to the most prestigious institutions is a testament to Gulliver’s commitment to high academic achievement and lifelong learning.

100% of Gulliver Prep seniors are admitted to 4-year colleges

75% of Gulliver Prep students qualify for the Bright Futures Academic Scholarship Award annually on average

$12 million in scholarships are offered to our graduating classes annually on average

8+ college acceptances outside the United States annually

80+ different colleges are attended by each graduating class on average

125 College admissions officers visit Gulliver Prep each year

8 Full-time college counselors offer nearly 100 years of experience on both the high school and university sides of college admissions

12+ college acceptances to conservatory art university programs annually

Gulliver seniors have become Rhodes Scholars, UF’s Lombardi Award Scholars, W&L’s Johnson Award Recipients, UNC’s Robertson Award Recipients Northeastern National Scholars, and A.B. Duke Scholars

Gulliver believes in developing responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Our Counselors work with the students to cultivate a positive school and community culture of integrity, honesty and mutual respect. A distinctive feature of our Middle School is that a counselor is assigned to each grade level. The counselor stays with the students and families for 3 years (grades 6-8) allowing them to know and understand their students’ strengths and challenges.

Our Counselors are a personal resource for self-understanding and healthy development. They promote balance and resiliency as students move through pre-adolescence. Our Counselors support students academically, emotionally, behaviorally, and socially. They reinforce executive functioning skills, promote pro-social behaviors, and foster character development.

Gulliver understands that our students are most successful when all adults in their lives work together. Counselors partner with parents and faculty to positively impact and nourish each of our Middle School students.