Strategic Vision and Plan

We are excited to share with you the approved Strategic Vision and Plan for Gulliver Schools. This plan is the result of a community-wide effort we started in November 2015, and it represents our collective commitment to keep Gulliver at the forefront of teaching and learning well into the future. We sought to answer the big fundamental questions about our school’s identity and what our vision for success at Gulliver will look like in the future, and also to create concrete initiatives with specific action steps to ensure that vision becomes a reality. We thank the many of you who participated in the process, thus ensuring that we have a comprehensive agenda going forward. Please click the image below to access the Strategic Vision and Plan.

Transforming Priorities Into Impact

  • Student Well-Being

    Nurture student well-being and graduate students who are college, career and life ready
    From meditative exercises in the classroom each morning to parent sessions, we have effectively woven the concept of mindfulness into the Gulliver community at every level.

  • Teaching + Learning

    Position Gulliver Schools on the student-centered side of 21st century teaching and learning continuum
    Gulliver is completing a comprehensive curriculum-mapping initiative, charting a clear path to success for all Gulliver students with the expert guidance of a nationally recognized K-12 educational leader.

  • Campus

    Create the unique environs for 21st-century learning by realizing the campus master plan & providing resources for renewal of sites & facilities
    We celebrated an impressive modernized renovation of the Academy Campus North Playground in the Fall of 2016, offering students a new level of physical fitness and outdoor engagement.

  • Diversity

    Invest in and promote diversity, inclusion and affordability
    Gulliver provided financial support to over 200 students totaling $4.4 million in aid.

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