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Clifton L. Kling

Clifton L. Kling


The Kling Family

The Kling Family

(L to R) Heather Kling, Alise Kling '26, Ainsley Kling '23, Cliff Kling

As you browse the pages of this website and learn more about Gulliver, you will see many examples of the incredible achievements of our students. What is most impressive is the sheer magnitude of the variety of ways in which our students excel. This is indeed what makes Gulliver unique – the “Gulliver Difference” – and flows out of our mission which is to create an academic community devoted to educational excellence, with a personal touch, that fulfills each student’s potential. Every child brings to us, and the world, a unique potential that is all his or her own. Our strength as a school is helping every student identify, cultivate, and ultimately fulfill their unique potential first by knowing and caring for each child and through offering an unparalleled breadth of academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular opportunities.

Whether your child is passionate about the environment, interested in taking a musical talent to the highest levels, captivated by history, committed to developing an athletic talent, curious about the fields of architecture, marine biology, or biomedical science, ready to dive deep into robotics and engineering, or thinking about a new business plan or app development, Gulliver offers opportunities to explore these and many other interests.

To experience the Gulliver Difference and the strength of our community, I encourage you to visit us on campus.


With Gulliver Pride,

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