Our History

Established in 1926 by Arthur Gulliver in Coconut Grove, Gulliver Academy was likened to the prestigious academies of the northeast and initially attracted families who wintered in Florida.

In late 1953, Marian Krutulis purchased the school. A pioneer in education, Mrs. Krutulis envisioned Gulliver as a grand home where both student and teachers would feel part of a caring, inspiring family of learners. Over the course of 25 years, she relocated the academy to Coral Gables, built a prep school for high school students in Pinecrest and achieved ‘Blue Ribbon School of Excellence’ designation by the US Department of Education, which earned Gulliver its distinction as a premier educational institution.

Today, Gulliver serves more than 2,200 students in Grades PreK3 – 12 on four campuses. Despite its significant growth over the last 60 years, Gulliver still upholds Marian Krutulis’ vision to maintain the physical and social-emotional health of its students, and trains them to become people of integrity in everything they say and do.

Gulliver offers the full spectrum of academic and extracurricular programs. Students are enrolled in a sequence of classes designed to challenge them and develop their talents.

From the Primary School to the Preparatory School’s International Baccalaureate Program, Gulliver’s classes are student-focused, academically rigorous, and tailored to meet individual needs.

Extracurricular activities are virtually limitless; community service organizations and interest groups thrive on all campuses; and Gulliver’s athletic program has achieved success at all levels of competition.

In fact, Gulliver features more athletic teams, student activities and clubs than any other local private school in South Florida.

After nearly 50 years of growth and advancement as one of the most successful for-profit private schools in Florida, Gulliver became a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution in 2000.

John Krutulis became head of schools in 2008, while Mrs. Krutulis remained actively involved as director emeritus, until her passing in 2013, the same year Gulliver celebrated its 60th anniversary.

To kick off the 2014-2015 school year, the Board of Trustees appointed Frank Steel as head of schools, and Mr. Krutulis stepped down to focus on strategic planning and capital fundraising to enhance the facilities and grow endowments.

Since Mr. Steel has come on board, he has instituted school-wide initiatives to build on the Gulliver tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship, including administrative reorganization and rethinking the education model to emphasize student-centered 21st century skills.

The school also is enhancing its use of technology to support more comprehensive and individualized learning. The legacy of Mrs. Krutulis remains the cornerstone of the school and, as Gulliver forges into the future, students continue to benefit from an unwavering commitment to character development and academic excellence.