This Isn't Your Average After-School Program!

Our students have unique access to Enrichment classes that will allow them to pursue a new hobby, indulge in their current interests, or simply have fun! When the school day is over, students have the option to partake in martial arts, ballet, swimming, youth sports or a variety of other activities.

A new offering this year is Quest for Space, taught by Ms. Rodriguez, a member of Space Center Houston's Space Educator Exploration Crew (SEEC). Gulliver is the only school in Florida offering this class, in which students virtually explore space, engage in space-related STEM programming and and solve real-world problems. Other Enrichment classes give children the opportunity to explore acting and improvisation – which unleash creativity and boost imagination, engineering – which gives them opportunities for hands-on critical thinking, and so much more.

With so much to choose from, there's something for everyone! Choose your enrichment here.