Head of School's Corner - September 2018

Dear Gulliver Community,

The school year is definitely moving at "Gulliver speed" with many events, games, presentations and opportunities where our students, parents and faculty can share and partner together. It has been especially helpful to have held most of our Back to School nights and to share what our students will encounter and experience this year in so many areas of their lives in and out of school.

I have been very excited to be able to discuss the Community Outreach Raider Experience (CORE) program, which emphasizes the importance of student agency in the work they do here at school. Specifically, we want all of our students to fully understand the relevance of what they do at school, in relation to their lives outside of school. A truly excellent education is partly about exposing students to information that allows them to understand and answer certain questions. It also must include the opportunity for students to ask their own truly relevant questions and formulate solutions. Programs need to foster the ability to think and rethink those solutions and see how conditions may evolve and require constant adjustment.

Already I have seen that there will be some fantastic opportunities for our students this year. At the recent "Club Rush," Upper School student activity leaders demonstrated many different possible ways to engage in the "real world" to their peers. The chance to partner with Special Olympians, students with autism, or to support literacy in the inner city; the chance to build housing for families in Mexico, or to work with our Breakthrough Miami chapter here at school, are just a few of the many options available at Gulliver. These programs are built on a foundation that continues in our grades PreK3-8, starting with our Primary and Lower School focus to "be kind, be calm, be safe, be Gulliver" as a way of framing interactions with those around us, ongoing Middle Years Programme service projects, the return of "passion projects," maker events, the Raider Student Network (TV broadcast), and more.

We look forward to sharing the outcome of these student-initiated projects, and especially to further engaging with our parent, alumni and local and extended communities at upcoming events such as Raider Fest. I look forward to seeing you there!

With Gulliver Pride,

Frank Steel
Head of School