Head of School's Corner - March 2018

Dear Gulliver Community,

"March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." In the 19th century, it was used as a prediction contingent on a year's early March weather: If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. As a transplanted Philadelphian, I have to say I have woken up on numerous mornings, at different times of year, and had trouble knowing for sure what time of year it is. Relentlessly beautiful sunshine and weather will do that to you! And I must add that I am not missing the greater certainty that came from looking out the window at the end of February, with weeks of more winter on the horizon. But what does this have to do with school?

Regardless of the weather outside, this is the time of year that schools, like plants in cold weather areas, begin to have the rejuvenation that is part of thinking and planning ahead for a new season. It is a time of renewed energy, a time for planting the seeds of new ideas for programs, a time when our seniors have a clearer idea of where they will continue to grow next year, and a time when we begin to learn who the new students and families to join our amazing school community will be.

In this issue of Raider Review, we see the fruits of seeds planted last year, including the "Earth to Space call" of our students to the space station, the art awards earned by our students for their wonderful creativity and talent, the ongoing success of the "Empower the Future" Annual Fund campaign, demonstrating the continuously growing spirit of philanthropy, and the Gala, which promises this year to be our grandest community-building and fundraising event ever!

In addition, you will read about the newest seeds to be planted, from the inaugural 100 Days Ceremony, where we begin to prepare the seniors, and ourselves, for their transition to alumni and the next phase of their academic and personal journeys, to the zSpace bus, where many of our teachers had the chance to see how virtual reality is becoming a part of the classrooms of the future, and how we might want to move in that direction here at Gulliver. Our focus on "future ready" programs is resonating well, as our applications for admission are stronger and deeper than ever, and we are thrilled to welcome a diverse and widely talented group of new students to our school community.

These continue to be amazing and exciting times at Gulliver. We are so grateful to all the members of our community who serve the school in many different ways to make it all possible!

Frank Steel
Head of School