Head of School's Corner - February 2018

Dear Gulliver Community,

2018 is off and running at "Gulliver speed!" This issue of Raider Review highlights more of the ways our students are engaged with their schoolwork as well as their lives out of school. For me, this broader connection between what we study, and what we do, is an essential element of a "future-ready" education. It was also brought home to me by the recent passing of Les Cooperman, that this connection has been an element of "the Gulliver way" well before schools began talking about 21st century learning or future-ready programs.

Mrs. K was always a pioneer in thinking about the experiences students needed to develop the skills, attitudes and character to be confident, effective leaders and members of their community. Les Cooperman was a pioneer as well; a role model for teachers in ways to excite and engage students in the world around them, a friend and mentor to many colleagues, and an advocate for making sure that school is fun while also being effective. Whether planning and running assemblies, coordinating trips for students all over the U.S., bringing faculty together to attend drama performances in the city, or having the thousands of small and lesser-known interactions in and around school, Les was a connector of people, and those connections added greatly to the quality of life for all of us.

Through this lens, the many events, honors and activities chronicled in this issue pay homage to that tradition of individual pioneers and the engaged participants that bring life and meaning to the work we do. Shark tagging, participating in the arts, preparing for upcoming school trips, the engagement of alumni across the country, as well as our own local events such as Raider Challenge and the Gulliver Gala, show a school that is truly innovative, relevant and empowering our students!

Frank Steel
Head of School