Future-Ready: Class of 2018

By Kimberly Feldman, Public Relations and Brand Manager

Leaders. Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Volunteers. Artists. Athletes. Peacemakers. Problem solvers. Creators. Scholars. These words are only a sampling of the descriptions of the diverse and distinctive members of Gulliver's class of 2018.

While each graduating class has its own unique personality, the 271 students that make up the class of 2018 seem poised to take on the world. With some of the strongest college placements Gulliver has ever seen, and an estimated $9.6 million awarded in scholarships, these young men and women have the world at their fingertips. Having completed 63,339 hours of community service, they are also a class primed to give back to their community and the greater world around them.

Prep Director of Guidance and College Counseling Peter Olrich noted, "The last three classes of Gulliver graduates have chosen from admissions to well over 300 colleges and universities throughout the world, from the most selective research universities and liberal arts colleges, to conservatories and specialized programs, to off-the-beaten path schools that capture the best fit for very angular kids. The joy in our work comes in helping each unique young person discover themselves, and discover the communities and programs that will best suit them as learners and as growing young men and women. Doing that student-centered work in such a dynamic school, with so many opportunities for each student to grow and to find their strengths, is exciting for all of us who get to assist along the way. We're really proud of these outcomes not because of what a list of names says about the year or the school, but because we know the self-discovery and growth that marked each journey represented by that list."

There is no doubt Gulliver's class of 2018 is college-, career- and life-ready. The question for our future generations of graduates is clear: Where will Gulliver take you?