Dancing with a Pro

By Communications Specialist, PreK3-8, Stephanie Sanchez

Advanced dancers from the Academy enjoyed a visit from Adele Myers, the artistic director of Adele Myers and Dancers, a non-profit group of dynamic and powerful dancers that perform for audiences at theatres throughout the United States.

The young women began the session by sharing what motivates them to be a dancer and describing how they express their feelings through movement. Then, Myers took to the floor with the students, teaching them new techniques in Contemporary dance composition and performance. "I found it interesting how, during the workshop, we took others' interpretations of movement and translated it to our own," said Emily Miller '22. "I learned how to put movement together at a fast pace and to quickly perform it on the dance floor with confidence."

The impact of a positive stage presence was well-received by the dancers, who perform a minimum of two times a year, holding a themed recital in the fall and spring. The advanced dancers, known as the Junior Sundancers, compete in competitions including the Contest Of Champions, the American Dance Alliance State Dance Competition and more. Dancers also hold student choreography showcases on campus, and perform for their younger classmates at assemblies. Most recently, the Junior Sundancers won two Superior Ratings and three Excellent Ratings at the Contest of Champions National Competition in Orlando, Florida. There were over 1800 performances in the Middle and High School Divisions.

"Experiences like these allow the students in our program to engage in real life experiences in the world of dance," said dance instructor Carla Duval. "It also gives them opportunities to learn from the best of the best within the dance community."

Mark your calendars! The Academy dance spring recital is on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 in the Miller Drive Auditorium.