Academy Drama Gives Lauded Performances, Earns Awards

By Stephanie Sanchez, Communications Specialist, Grades PreK3-12

In November, Gulliver Academy's Drama Troupe 88015 presented 26 pieces at the Junior Thespians District Festival. The students earned 17 Superior and nine Excellent Ratings. In addition, all of them qualified for competition at a state level.

Superior Monologue: Esther Enekes

Superior Monologue: Catalina Vallejo

Superior Monologue: Marco Picchetti

Superior Monologue: Valeria Bigott

Superior Duet Acting: Isabela Rezk & Ava Seymour

Superior Duet Acting: Massimo Del Rio & Rodrigo Barrios-Uribe

Superior Ensemble Acting: Ana Laura Perez-Ternent, Sarina Smith, Ava Seymour

Superior Ensemble Acting: Catalina Vallejo, Ian Gill, Sofia Casado, Esther Enekes

Superior Improvisation: Samantha Falcon & Theo Ciperski

Superior Solo Musical: Isabela Rezk

Superior Solo Musical: Ian Gill

Superior Solo Musical: Idalia Basterra

Superior Duet Musical: Idalia Basterra & Analia Freyer

Superior Duet Musical: Ian Gill & Hernan Rodriguez

Superior Duet Musical: Sofia Casado & Leo Quintero

Superior Small Group Musical: Giovanna Musiello, Emma Navarro, Jenna Perez, Isabella Egea Guimaraes, Bibiana Eichenberg Pinto, Julianne Hartigan & Maria Lara Nogueira Milano

Superior Large Group Musical: Lia Fletcher, Theo Ciperski, Massimo Del Rio, Evan Hartigan, Valeria Bigott, Maya Pace, Sarina Smith, Daniela Azari, Rodrigo Barrios-Uribe, Esther Enekes, Samantha Falcon, Gabriella Jennings, Alexa Miller, Ana Laura Perez-Ternent, Marco Picchetti, Leo Quintero

Excellent Scene Writing: Idalia Basterra

Excellent Pantomime: Morgan Cable, Noa Cohen, Gabriella Memmen & Danica Mujica

Excellent Monologue: Daniela Azari

Excellent Duet Acting: Daniela Azari & Maya Pace

Excellent Improvisation: Lia Fletcher & Esther Enekes

Excellent Improvisation: Alexa Miller & Marco Picchetti

Excellent Solo Musical: Lia Fletcher

Excellent Solo Musical: Hernan Rodriguez

Excellent Small Group Musical: Hernan Rodriguez, Idalia Basterra, Valeria Bigott, Analia Freyer, Isabela Rezk, Sofia Casado, Lia Fletcher

Drama students just performed back-to-back nights of their highly anticipated Fall show Antisocial. The comedic play is a series of acts that put a fun spin on all the criticisms of social media usage. Now, students are gearing up for the Spring play Wizard of Oz, which is set to hit the stage in April.