A Passion for Fashion: Charlotte Nord '10

By Kimberly Feldman, Public Relations and Brand Manager

Gulliver alum Charlotte Nord '10 recently celebrated a successful runway show at Élysée Montmartre in Paris, based on her thesis work in the fashion design program at New York's Parsons School of Design.

"My thesis collection is based off of the research I did with finding unique designs in teardrops," Charlotte explained. "I found out that, depending [on] the emotion of the tear that has fallen from your eyes, there is a specific structure that is unique to that emotion and can be seen under a microscope when dried." This, she explained, "led me to make many different prints, dyes and textile designs, all handmade. I chose seven different emotions based on my journey at university, specifically this year ... corresponding to each look I made."

Charlotte's designs include:

  • Tears of Laughter
  • Tears of Change
  • Tears of Elation at a Liminal Moment
  • Tears of Momentum
  • Tears of Possibility and Hope
  • Tears of Ending and Beginning
  • Tears of Release

She also created handmade jewelry masks made of brass to represent the style of illustration mirrored in one of her runway looks. It is a hand-drawn illustration printed on chiffon and layered over organza with another printed version made with Photoshop. "This is to illustrate the style of woman I intend my collection to represent," Charlotte said.

All of Charlotte's hard work is paying off, with the fashion press beginning to take notice. Two of her runway looks, as well as her jewelry designs, are currently featured on the Italian Vogue website. We look forward to seeing Charlotte's impact on the world of fashion design in the future.