Student Beaux Artists

By Communications Specialist, Grades PreK3-8, Stephanie Sanchez

The Lowe Art Museum's 2018 Beaux Arts Festival included artwork by two Gulliver Middle School students, as part of its Student Artist Showcase. Eva Mesa '23 placed first in graphics, and Allison Keepax '23 was a finalist.

With the guidance of Academy Visual Arts Chair Beth Harrison, students brought their own still life of shoes to draw from observation. Eva created her piece with colored pencil on white textured paper, then added raised extensions of pompoms on the shoe for a 3-D look.

Throughout the Gulliver experience, art is stressed as a way to enrich one's life, solve problems, communicate and experience the aesthetic beauty of the world around us. Gulliver's Middle School Visual Arts program enables students to develop art-making skills while nurturing an understanding of the formal and expressive qualities of their own pieces, as well as the work of others. Students develop perceptual awareness, observational drawing skills, creative self-expression and a basic understanding of the history of art. Students are introduced to painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, one- and two-point perspective, and digital photography. They also develop a working portfolio over the course of the school year.

Furthermore, Gulliver's Middle School Visual Arts program exposes students to the works of world-renowned artists through visits to Miami's largest outdoor canvas – the Wynwood Walls, private curated tours of Art Basel and visits to the Perez Art Museum Miami. The annual Academy Art Exhibition finishes off the school year, bringing together all the art the students created.

Beaux Arts is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to encourage an understanding and appreciation of the arts in South Florida, and all the funds it raises from events help serve this mission.